Brolyn Property Maintenance Solutions commenced operations in 2007 when Michael Brodie and Damien Lynch identified a desperate need for an integrated and complete Property Maintenance Service.

They clearly identified the needs of Agencies and realised that with their combined experience they could provide a responsible high profile entity that Real Estate Agents, Property Managers and Property Owners could absolutely rely upon, and have cemented Brolyn as the preferred service provider for many of Sydney’s leading real estate agencies, and they rely on us to present their properties in the best light possible, whether its For Sale or For Lease.

We have over 20 years experience, we are fully insured, reliable and competitively priced. We provide what we believe is one of the most complete and professional teams to take care of all of your cleaning or maintenance needs. Brolyn doesn’t view itself as just another service provider, but as partner in the maintenance and presentation of properties for sale and lease with our real estate agency partners.

If you have high standards of customer service and satisfaction then you need a partner to deliver those same goals. Michael and Damien are proud to offer you the many services of their integrated and complete Property Maintenance Service.



Collaborate, Optimise, Transform
These are the key elements to Brolyn providing a holistic service to our real estate agency clients. We understand that all trades services that have come before us have been deficient in service.

  • We assume your service levels are of the highest degree and we expect to extend your levels of service to our own.
  • Each project no matter how large or small is undertaken with the greatest of care to enable you to offer / recommend our services to your clients, landlords and tenants with the knowledge that we shall protect your interests.
  • We will have the flexibility to adapt quickly to changing circumstances, to accommodate your needs, and we will always act expediently to meet service level requirements.
  • We will be actively looking at ways to add additional services to enhance our clients’ experience.